Going Through My Old Favs, For The Hell of IT!

I'm going to start reading all my favorite books that I have on my Kindle HD and in hardback or paperback form all over again.  So First, I revisit Harry Potter.  But the list is long.  And since I've lost access to my old GoodReads Account where had over 400 some books and who knows how many reviews...  It feels good to go back.


A few of the books on my reread list besides Harry Potter are:


1. Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy

2. His Dark Materials Trilogy

3. Bartimaeus Trilogy plus Bartimaeus and The Ring of Solomon

4. The Hunger Games


And so many, many more!!!!  And this isn't the order I plan to read them either. It's a sample of the books I'm going to be revisiting.  There will be more adult books I've read too, these all just come to mind so much more easily as fast favorite friends I've not  visited in a while so it will be fun to write a review, to see if I can discern any changes over time as I've aged in how I view or feel about them.